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KOSUN kinds of high-end equipment sold to Azerbaijan

Pub Date:Apr 24, 2018    |    Views:148    |    

Recently, KOSUN delivered 2 set black rhino shale shaker, 1 set DC-450 decanter centrifuge and 1 set submerged slurry pump to Azerbaijan customers, which will be shipped soon after packaging inspection. This order is the third time that the customer cooperated with our company and appointed our company's black rhino shale shaker for the replacement of equipment. This fully reflects the customer's recognition of our high-end products. KOSUN has always been adhering to high quality product and service level, and is committed to providing customers with better products and overall solutions.

black rhino shale shaker

The black rhino shale shaker uses Martin's depth-customized long-excited vibrator motors and belongs to our high-end brand. KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is a new series of centrifuge products which was improved and developed by our company on the basis of the introduction and reference of foreign advanced technology. It is mainly used in urban domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, chemical industry, food , pharmaceuticals, non-metallic minerals and similar production processes in the field of solid and liquid separation. The treated mud can achieve the desired performance and play a good role in recycling, efficient treatment, cost saving and environmental protection.

DC Series Decanter Centrifuge

KOSUN devotes itself to resource conservation and environmental protection, provides products and services related to solid waste treatment on the basis of dedicated environmental separation mechanical equipment manufacturing, and has evolved into a comprehensive service provider of system integration, complete equipment, engineering construction, debugging & operation, and maintenance management in such six major fields as engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river & lake sludge and municipal sludge disposal, soil remediation and comprehensive utilization of tailings.

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