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KOSUN 5 sets Slurry Treatment Plant used in Guangzhou Subway Project

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In April 2018, during the construction of the subway in Guangdong, China, KOSUN 5 sets KD-500 Slurry Treatment Plant were used for the construction of the double-wheel trench cutter underground continuous wall. This system belongs to our high-end customized products. The maximum throughput can reach 500 cubic meters per hour, and the separation granularity can reach 30-40 microns. A larger amount of processing capacity and high quality slurry for reuse ensured the fast driving of the double-wheel trench cutter.

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KOSUN environmental friendly KD series Slurry Treatment Plant consists of coarse screening module, sand removal module, mud removal module and tailings processing module. KOSUN black rhino Slurry Treatment Plant can meet the environmental protection requirements for urban construction and is widely used in urban rail transit construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction and municipal engineering.

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In addition, the unique second and third-level separation switching technology of KOSUN's Green Slurry Treatment Plant makes it easy to handle the construction requirements of different strata. Whether it is river construction or urban infrastructure construction, the construction of subway tunnels or underground pipe corridors, KOSUN can provide customers with the best comprehensive solution for sludge treatment.

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