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Tail Slurry Treatment Processing-KOSUN

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1.Collection unit. Drilling waste sludge enters the screw conveyor through the solid control equipment, and adds water to dilute and mix. Drilling waste sludge through screw conveyor enters the gravel separation washing and stirring device, after stirring and spiral separation, a large number of inorganic particles, small rock blocks, and rock fragments contained in the slurry are separated, thereby reducing the influence of the substances on subsequent processing to keep the waste mud better fluidity. After separation and treatment, the slurry is pumped into the slurry storage and stirring tank, and the treatment agent is added at the same time. After stirring and mixing, the pump is lifted and sent to the second processing unit.


2.Solid-liquid separation unit. In order to reduce the moisture content and contaminants of the mud cake, it is indispensable to add a treatment agent and multiple agitation washings. After chemical treatment and multiple stirring and washing, the pollutants contained in the mud are washed into the water. If there are petroleum pollutants, they must be treated by the degreasing device before the oil is recovered. The degreasing mud is pumped into the centrifuge for mud,Water separation, separation of solids in the mud can be achieved after discharge. The separated water enters the collection tank and then pumped up to the third processing unit.

3.Wastewater treatment unit. The content of suspended solids after centrifugation is relatively high. Through suspended flotation and filtration systems, the suspended solids contained in the water are removed to reduce the organic content in the wastewater, and then the reverse osmosis system is used for concentration treatment. The standard wastewater from reverse osmosis is returned to the water tank and pumped back for use in production. The condensed small amount of liquid can also be treated by evaporative crystallization. Crystalline salt can be sold to salt chemical production companies, turning waste into treasure.

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