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What is the price of slurry separation equipment?

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KOSUN slurry separation equipmentcan improve construction efficiency, reduce the cost of construction and reduce mud emissions and stuck accidents.

The most advanced slurry separation equipment produced by KOSUN is widely used in construction of mud-water treatment, underground continuous wall mud-water separation, tunnel shield mud-water treatment and underground trenchless construction, which can completely replace the imported equipment. It can effectively solve the construction waste slurry treatment, mud recovery and recycling and other issues.

slurry separation equipment

In recent years, the government has stepped up efforts on environmental protection and the slurry separation equipmentof environment-friendly machinery enterprises has been widely used. So what is the price of mud treatment equipment? What are the factors that affect the price of slurry separation equipment?

(1) Quality

Quality is the most fundamental factor affecting mud treatment equipment, usually, good quality slurry separation equipment have long service life, high technology, so the price will be higher .

(2) Manufacturers

At present, there are many slurry separation equipment manufacturers, and it is suggested that consumers purchase the equipment in large-scale, direct-sales and strong manufacturers. Because the equipment quality of such manufacturers is more guaranteed and the quotations are more reasonable.

(3) Area

Due to imbalances in prices and consumption levels caused by the uneven development in various regions, the prices of slurry separation equipment in the rapidly developing areas will be higher. According to the survey, slurry separation equipmentprice in Shaanxi is more reasonable.(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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