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KOSUN Shaker Screens Sold to Iran KISH area oil field

Pub Date:Nov 02, 2017    |    Views:178    |    

As we all know, the largest number of daily use solids control equipment wearing parts are shaker screens. A cost-effective screen not only can ensure the quality of drilling mud screening, but also can extend the trial life of shale shaker. A cost-effective shale shaker can reduce drilling costs for drilling contractor and can improve the ues effectiveness of drilling mud.

 KOSUN has been developed a high-quality shaker screen through years of research and trial. Recently, KOSUN has produced a number of screens for the FLC2000 shale shaker. It has been tested by third parties and fully compliance with API13C standards. 610 Pieces of KOSUN Shaker Screensare ready to delivery to Iran.

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KOSUN has been the leading China OEM supplier of quality, high performance screening surfaces for over 20 years. Our entry into manufacturing screens for kinds of shakers has come at the request of numerous operators who desire to improve the performance of their shakers by taking advantage of Kosun’s screen manufacturing technology. KOSUN now has screens available for kinds of internationally renowned shale shakers.

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment and environmental protection mud treatment system. After more than 20 years of rapid development, KOSUN has been becoming a well-known solids control equipment manufacturer international and domestic. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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