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Kinds of Tailings Management Process Design

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In recent years,protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to the whole human beings.How to properly management the tailings(gold mine tailings,coal mine tailings,mine tailings, copper mine tailings,telluride mine tailings) has been a primary problem for the mining business with the government increased environmental protection efforts.

tailings management process figure

The following is the commonly tailings management process design and method:
After the tailings went into the tailings pool, using the pump made it into the mud cleaner, this divided into two parts:
1. The underflow from the desilter falls onto filter press or fine-screen shaker for dewatering, and dried solids are recycled.
2. The overflow from the desilter is separated by centrifuge into liquid and solids, and the liquid is recycled and the solids are dried for recycling.

tailings management process plan

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