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How to Verify Shale Shaker Screen?

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So many different shale shaker screen, how to verify them? How to mark shaker screen size? For almost screen, we’ll mark the shale shaker screen sizes on the tag or label. On labels, there are screen dimension, API size or mesh sizes.

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Tags of shale shaker screen can be printed on special tag paper, on PP sticker, on metal plate, and so on. No matter which type label we use, the necessary information should be indicated clearl.According to API RP13C code, the screen sticker should indicate API size, cut point under D100 cut point regulation, the mesh size or model number of manufacturer, the screen origin, manufacturer name, and so on.

Shaker screen dimension, usually means the overall size of screen panel. If the screen is framed one, dimension include length, width, height or thickness. If the screen is hook strip, dimension means the length, width, and hook height or hook size.Besides screen overall size, there are detail size on screen panels. Such as holes shape and size. The screen cloth mesh size. Effective screen area, the non blanked area, and so on.

The popular shale shaker screen sizes including 700x1050mm, 630x1250mm, 585x1165mm, 710x1250mm, and so on. Mesh sizes for oilfield solids control shaker are usually from API 40-API325.

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KOSUN Shale Shaker Screen is wear part of the shale shaker, mainly classified into soft sieve screen, sieve plate type screen,and frame plate type screen.Product characteristics are wear resistance, wearability, rating of temperature, low cost, easy disassembly, conductivity ( powder ) liquid, good trapping ( dreg ) effect, etc. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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